Friday, October 23, 2009

autumn blues

The peace of autumn creeps into Vogel State Park like the calm after the storm of summer. The seasonal blues are reflected in the lake, sky, and mountains.

The usually busy lake is quiet, the sandy beach deserted, pedal boats rock in the cool breeze, waiting to be stored for the winter. Bundled up hikers stroll 'round the lake trail.

The campground is overflowing with escapees from suburbia, families gathered around campfires, cups of hot chocolate warming their hands, as the smell and smoke of wood fires drift up the valley.


Eddie said...

Vogel is a very nice sedate place to visit. Did you know before Vogel State Park was there it was partly the home place of poet Byron Hubert Reece's family?

Gypsy Quilter said...


Michael Manning said...

A new place I have never heard of but deliciously told. I enjoyed this post very much.

Hope your weekend is going well!