Wednesday, August 12, 2009

rest in peace - not

What used to be a peaceful little cemetery in the middle of nowhere in the Blue Ridge mountains is now right in the middle of progress - the wooden stake is a clue...

the rest of the picture...

A new truck stop is under construction on the adjacent property, with grading on all four sides of the cemetery fence.

If these folks are getting all shook up from the 20 acres of earth moving equipment, just wait til the tractor-trailers start rolling in.

Love's Travel Stop job, exit #1 on I-77 in Virginia, the reason for our recent 10-day trip to that beautiful state. The locals are excited about the new business, with the prospect of many new jobs in the area along with a couple of fast food restaurants.

No one seems to be upset about the cemetery, but the environmental agencies are keeping a close eye on all the dirt and where it goes. Our campground host told us of a delay in the job because of "some frogs or something", but it was actually potentially endangered bog turtles, according to this story in the local newspaper.

But work goes on, can't stop progress!


June said...

Disturbing to me that we need every inch of land for development!

Eddie said...

We humans are like a colony of termites destroying everything in its path.