Sunday, August 23, 2009

is that Alabama?

The DJ announced - put your hands together for the voice of Alabama - Mr. Randy Owen!

We enjoyed a great concert on Friday night, sang along on all the old Alabama songs, swayed to the great music.

Randy Owen is out on his own. But he is not going solo by any means. His backup band is not just any group of musicians...

Wade Hayes is playing guitar and singing. The same Wade Hayes who had 5 songs in the top 10 in the 1990s. He sang his #1 hit Old Enough to Know Better for us.

Megan Mullins not only lit up the stage with her looks and smoking hot fiddle playing, but is also a recording artist in her own right. She sang for us her song Long Past Gone.

John Bohlinger was onstage playing several different guitars and mandolin, a songwriter and musician, former band leader on Nashville Star.

Randy still has the same great voice and musical talent, maybe his moves aren't quite as smooth as they were 20 years ago, but it is obvious he loves what he is doing, singing his songs to avid fans. And the fact that he filled his stage with a group of young talented musicians only added to the quality of the show (the eye candy was an added perk!)

Many moons ago (early 80s) we saw Alabama in concert at Lanierland Country Music Park. We were sitting in close to the last row, the stage was far away... after the warm-up acts, Alabama took the stage. After a couple of their hit songs, a lady sitting next to us (she was feeling very good)... slurringly asked us "is that Alabama?" We assured her that it was indeed, and ever since then whenever we see the band or hear them on the radio, we look at each other and ask the obvious question... is that Alabama?

No, this was not Alabama. But it was a great show, an evening of memories and singing the old songs.

Randy Owen Concert


janeywan said...

That sounds like great fun. Haven't been to a concert in years.

dot said...

I know good things don't go on forever but I hated to hear this band had broken up. Enjoyed the post! I like Wade Hayes.