Friday, July 17, 2009

time flies

time flies by Daniela M. Casalla

Time flies, and isn't it fun to be a spectator?

Talk next door is about drivers ed, letter jacket, prom dresses, class rings…. Wow, this next era in the grandkids' lives is going to be exciting, but are their parents up for it?

With school starting in less than 3 weeks, summer winds down. The grandkids are trickling back home after a summer with their other parents… current plans are for shopping for school clothes and supplies, getting sports physicals and drug testing.

I can't even imagine shopping for 4 - ages 11-15, can you?

Hoping for strength goes out to their mom, 3 more weeks of kids underfoot, attitudes, appetites, hormones... probably the only time Melissa wishes she didn't work at home. Hang in there!

~photo by Daniela M. Casalla

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Melissa said...

Thanks mom! I'll just have to keep the "PK" shirt of yours in my mind and remember that is the goal :)