Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stealing home

going for itAnd on 3rd base we have young Madison.
Lookout folks, Madison is going for it...

she's coming homeBatter get out of the way, she's coming home!

will she make it?Uh oh, the pitcher comes in to make the play

s-l-i-d-e MadisonIt's gonna be close, s-l-i-d-e Madison!

SAFE Madison hits the dirt,
Georgia red dust flying as the ball bounces away...
another home base steal for our
littlest granddaughter!

A lot of things going on this last week of school including awards ceremonies, Jr. Beta Club induction, banquets, pictures, packing... but this is right up there with the most exciting!

Madison is an inspiration to me, she is always trying something new, she has no fear. She is involved in everything from music to sports to academics to church. She is the perfect example of Just Do It!

~photos 16 May 2009 taken by Madison's folks, thanks for capturing this and sharing!


Eddie said...

Great action shots!

If I was a coach for the other team I would tell the team to keep an eye out for that man or woman with a camera... when she starts aiming and clicking it is time to get defensive!

Aunt Carrie said...

Love You Madison!

colleen said...

Great slide!

So good to hear from you, Susan. I agree and know exactly what you mean about the shift in blogging traffic and even my own interest in visiting others. Thursdays are different, of course. But I also have had to learn how to blog for me and not worry about the result too much.

Bob-Hunt@live.com said...

I am curious if the Hunt Family is a significant part of your Tidwell family history.
My name is Bob Hunt and for many years I attended a Tidwell/Hunt family reunion each August in Pomona & San Dimas California.