Thursday, May 28, 2009

parting ways


hiking partners for many years,
they walk along hand in hand
when they reach an unexpected fork

she squeezes his hand one last time
and says, Go, find what you seek
and watches as he fades from sight

she walks alone for the first time,
discovering her own pace
no longer a follower

as the space widens between their paths
she finds herself looking forward to
what lies around that next bend

she is drawn to the peace of the trail
the forest envelops her, the cool breeze
is her companion now

will their paths ever cross again
or were they just two people
who shared a trail for a while

~ photo Smoky Mountain hiking trail


Carrie said...

wow.... ..... what a post

Jackie said...

The trail is gorgeous and the poetry is lovely.

Where is the trail? We'll going to be in Blairsville in a couple of weeks and it looks like a trail I'd love to hike.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a post indeed....very fitting for us both...very profound........Sherry

June said...

Such a moving poem...

Jeffrey Scott said...

We all follow different trails in life. It's always sad when we others depart from the trail we are on. The poem expresses those thoughts well.