Monday, May 11, 2009

at the beach

Folly Beach sunrise

at the beach - I feel
warm sunshine on my shoulders
massaging sand between my toes
cool wind on my face

at the beach - I hear
hypnotic waves meeting the shore
insistent gulls overhead
rhythmic music drifting on the wind

at the beach - I smell
salty water - seafood for supper?
tropical lotions on warm skin

at the beach - I taste
salt on everything - peanuts, pretzels
fruity frozen drink going down easy

at the beach - I see
blue water to infinity
white sand, seashells, sailboats
smiling faces everywhere

Folly Beach pier

Went to the beach this weekend, a road trip, a get-away, sun, sand, food, fun, music, friends, family.

Spent a whole day just holding down a beach chair.

I can seldom do this at home, wasting time like this, just laying around, hard to justify it with so much stuff that needs to be done.

But at the beach life is different, resting is okay, napping is good, relaxing is wonderful.

I wonder if I lived at the beach, would it be different? Would I still be in 'beach mode' and not ever get anything done? Or would real life take over and the 'beach mode' would get smothered under work and life?

Then I would have to go somewhere else to find relaxation, maybe the mountains…

~photos 10 May 2009 Folly Beach, South Carolina (taken by Melissa) more here


June said...

Stunning photos...did I miss these on your Flickr site or did you just post up?

Pam said...

Yep...if you lived at the beach you would have to escape to another world to relax and do me on this. There are times we don't even see the ocean for days on end, sad when we live right here on the beautiful southern Oregon coast.

Beautiful photos..thanks for sharing.