Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Cooper's Furnace Park - Corps of Engineers - free day use area located along the Etowah River near Cartersville, Georgia - with picnic tables, grills, hiking trails, visitor center.

Main feature is the Cooper's Furnace, circa 1830s (pictured above):

A remnant of the antebellum industrial center started by Mark Anthony Cooper at Etowah, Georgia. The remaining cold blast furnace stands as a lone memorial to Cooper's iron empire.

Circa 1830s, in 1863 the furnace was producing iron for cannon balls and railroad spikes for the Confederacy, but when Yankee Sherman came through on his way to Atlanta he down burned the plant, like so many others in his wake.

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After climbing to the overlook, see the old furnace at the bottom right (of picture above), and the Georgia Power Bowman Plant on the horizon. Turn around and see Allatoona Lake and Dam:

I never used to like history - I didn't like studying history in school or visiting historical sites, but over the past few years I have started to develop an interest in it, I think since visiting the Chickamauga Battlefield Park. Maybe it is because I am older - well, okay I am OLD - now so I feel a connection to these other old relics...

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful spring day, sun shining, light breeze, perfect for being outside. Add in a few wildflowers, mountain laurel starting to bloom, a camping chair to sit and watch the river go by, a pretty good day!

a few more pictures here


Eddie said...

I used to love to this place. I remember once a couple of us teenagers (way back then) scaled to the top of Cooper's Furnace.. sort of like a roach might do.
Once we made paper airplanes and threw them off the damn towards the Etowah River and they would sail for a long long time. There was always a blast updraft wind coming down the valley and when it hit the damn it only had one way to go - UP! So, the paper planes seemed to float for ever.
Susan, as you probably know I am somewhat of a history nut too.

The Calico Cat said...

A. I am the same...
B. There are furnaces around here - I need to stop one day...

Byron Chesney said...

Awesome pictures! This looks like a place I would really love to visit.