Thursday, April 9, 2009

livin' in the woods

stars in the sky

pink trillium
fiddle heads

creekside hike

Creekside wildflower hikes start daily after work, leave from the screened porch - no registration necessary, free admission, don't forget your camera.

take only pictures, leave only footprints

~photos in the woods of home 8 April 2009


June said...

Lovely pictures...looking forward to your little walks/hikes now that the weather is turning...

colleen said...

That really tickled my fancy.

Jellyhead said...

Yes, yes don't rub it in - we all know you live in paradise!

Those photos are so pretty Susan.

BTW, thanks for not giving up on my blog, and thanks for saying hello again :-)

Rick said...

So serene looking...wish i could be there...