Friday, March 13, 2009

a little of this, a little of that...

Ann's Tiques
Ann's Tiques antique shop - Bowman, Georgia

talk of the town ~ Folks are still talking about the big snow in Royston last week, hard to believe since it has been springtime weather this week, windows open, trees budding.

running errands ~ They were talking about the snow at the local beauty shop, I was getting a hair cut and someone came in for an appointment, she was told that her stylist would be right back, she had to run down to the funeral home to fix someone's hair…

economic stimulus ~ Just charge it - I received an email - Use Mastercard to pay your taxes… I wonder what effect that would have on the economy?

monkeying around

monkeying around ~ A pair of work socks, some stuffing, and buttons for eyes makes a fun sock monkey! Sarah cashed in on her Christmas gift from me (a pack of work socks) and we finished the project last Sunday. Grandpa Buddy even helped out by tying the tie!

drinks on me ~ An interesting observation while eating at three different local establishments, no soft drinks on tap - canned or bottled along with a glass of ice…

no boys allowed

just hangin' out ~ The Tree House, so much fun to build, and only used a couple of times before being seemingly abandoned for years, has now been occupied once again by girls who just wanna have fun, or maybe get away from their parents. Note - the treehouse photo album in webshots continues to be popular, with over 20,000 views so far.

spring forward ~ Does daylight savings time get earlier each year? An opportunity to start new projects, the welcome daylight at the end of the day can be, should be, put to use in some way.

Go for a walk, get out and enjoy the weather, go antique shopping (which is about all there is to do around here). The many antique shops have a little of this, a little of that...

Antique Shops - Bowman, Georgia


ET said...

This is a good rambling post.

Mimi said...

Bowman, Georgia looks a lot like my town too.