Thursday, January 1, 2009


Carrie took one look at this paint-by-number - teddy bears and quilts - and said she just had to get it for MOM (I know this because I was there at the time!) I was given the option of her painting it or leaving it for me, and now I have another great project to pass the cold winter days (after I finish Carrie's t-shirt quilt, that is, of course)!

I wanted one of those quilted purses, not necessarily a designer one, but thanks to the girls and e-bay, that's what I got! Now I wonder if I have to dress up to wear it or will it go with my jeans and tees?

How cute is that! A hiker chick shirt - just the thing to get me back into hiking, I can't wait to hit the trail again!

Kids get the bestest presents!


janeywan said...

Will it go with jeans you ask?

Absolutely! I love it.

dot said...

I would think so. It sure is cute!