Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Do you sent out Christmas cards? This has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. I used to help my mother address envelopes as a little girl. My folks were in the Army and traveled a lot, so they had friends everywhere. My mom's address list was full of cities all over the country and a few beyond. A lot of these were people they probably would never see again, but kept in touch through the annual greeting card.

It is time once again to buy Christmas cards. Over the years I have bought many kinds of cards, pretty ones, funny ones, cheap ones, ones that support different causes like diabetes research or cystic fibrosis or wildlife.

But this year is different. Since I started recycling, I think more about what I am buying and consuming. Should we send cards at all? What about all those trees? There are lots of good ideas for what to do with cards after the holidays, but how about avoiding them altogether?

Some green ideas for cards: sending recycled paper cards, sending cards made of stuff other than trees, or my favorite:

Try a Christmas card that has a second life. Several companies make cards that have flower seeds embedded in biodegradable paper, and the card is printed with planting instructions. When spring comes, the card's recipient can plant your card in the garden.

Now the annual Christmas letter is another matter altogether. That tradition will stay, whether it goes out in a card or not. And of course I have all those forever stamps I bought back before they went up last year.

So cards or not, that is the latest recycling dilemma.


June said...

Cards are a such a nice tradition. Each year I think I'm not going to send them, but in the end I can't help myself...but fewer and fewer it seems. I get fewer and fewer too. I remember having received enough to display them on a long string.

ET said...

We like to send out cards. We usually buy several different kinds - religious for our religious relatives, and non religious for our friends and relatives that understand how we are.

Jellyhead said...

Oh yes, cards..... something I need to do, thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

I vote for non-green, expensive cards. Help the economy and donate a tree . . you have plenty!Or you can not send them at all and buy your wonderful son in law a nice piece of walnut with some steel in the middle.

Rick said...

Fruitcakes are recyclable!! they las tforever! OLO!! ;-)

andsewitis Holly said...

My list has gotten shorter over the years but there are those friends I keep in touch with just through the annual Christmas card. I think I send out maybe a dozen now and this year's cards were leftovers from some years worth of cards. Hopefully nobody notices they are repeats :)