Thursday, October 16, 2008

subtle changes

Some reds hiding out and forsythia bush turning purple.


Dot asked if the leaves were changing up here in the mountains yet. While most trees are still green, there are some subtle changes if you look real close.

Leaves are falling onto the deck and filling up the gutters.

driveway 101508
The view down the driveway is still green, compared to this photo taken at the peak of the leaf season in early November 2005.

So if you are looking for colors, it is probably not worth a trip to the mountains just yet, give it a week or two, will keep you posted.


June said...

Enough color to notice around here, but I agree...another week or so before the full "bloom".

Kerri said...

Susan, our changes are anything but subtle here. They're gorgeous, but they'll be gone soon, then I can come and enjoy yours!
Catching up with your activities is like a friendly e-mail complete with pictures. I always enjoy my time spent here at your cozy blog.

Jellyhead said...

It's amazing, isn't it, to watch the changes in the seasons.

I'll look forward to seeing your autumn leaves 'in full swing'!

doubleknot said...

I envy your beautiful colors. Down here in Florida we have green and brown.

dot said...

Thanks for the leaf report. My daughter doesn't know when she will come up but I think she's more interested in apples than leaves. I want them both!!