Wednesday, August 13, 2008

girls with guns

Madison B-Day 2008 birthday girl

paint party11-year-olds totin' guns

runrun Aunt Carrie!

Sarah Melissa Carriegirls of all ages just wanna have fun

Madison turns 11 today! Her party was last Friday evening, pizza, cake, ice cream, presents...

What she really wanted was a paintball party, to go to the local paintball place and shoot it out with all her friends and family. Well, after finding out that the local place is out of business, and another place further away was charging $30 a person, Melissa and Carrie came up with a plan, I know, lookout when those two start scheming!

Why not get water pistols and fill them with paint, give everyone a white t-shirt to wear and after the party they can take their painted t-shirt home as a party favor!

As you can see, it actually worked out! A yard full of kids shooting paint at each other, and everyone had a great time.

photo album here


June said...

Looks like fun!

dot said...

Cute post and sure looks like fun. Why should boys have all the fun? lol