Thursday, June 5, 2008

kiss my assessment

One of the things that welcomed us upon returning home from vacation was a notice from the county of an increase in our property tax assessment for this year. They do this every few years, raise everyone's property assessment, then we taxpayers appeal it, and it goes back down a little bit, never to the rate of the previous year.

This year the assessors' office has outdone itself. Our land value went up 400%, and we have heard of others going up 600%. The entire county is up in arms over this. It would be the topic of conversation at water coolers (if we had them here in the country), but it is definitely being discussed everywhere else, like in line at The Wal-Mart. The local weekly newspaper didn't comment on it (probably not wanting to be partisan or anything), but there were a few paid ads about the injustice of it all.

A local attorney sent out a message proposing a community meeting to discuss options. He received overwhelming response to this idea. Some of the responses must have been quite colorful as he sent out a second email, with the time and location of said meeting, but stating:

We are going to talk about the tax appraisal process. We are not going to burn anyone in effigy.

The county assessments are part of public record, and are posted online. It is interesting to look up all the neighbors and see what their property is worth, what they paid for it, etc.

Buddy's dad purchased this land 55 years ago at $25/acre. Last year it was appraised at $7500/acre, and this year $30,000/acre. Looking forward to the meeting tonight, it should be interesting!

photos - other things waiting on us at home, empty flower boxes (filled now!), rabbits fattened up on hostas


June said...

My God! In Florida we're protected by "Save Our Homes" where the property tax can't be raised more than 3 percent per year.

Gypsy Quilter said...

My neighbor told me the property here went up something like 51% or 55%. They did appeal and it went down some, but still, that's a big jump.

jellyhead said...

That is a phenomenal leap in land value!! Outrageous!

I had to laugh at the e-mail from your local attorney. He sounds like he has a very dry sense of humour.

Hope it all gets resolved with taxes a lot lower for you.

Finn said...

Hi Susan, my gosh that is incredible. Hope that things are be put right for the citizens. Should be they can just "change" things to make it work for the county or state.
Love the bunny pic! Hugs, Finn

The Calico Cat said...

You know, the property value increases sound good... The resulting tax increases are a pain.
Oh & if you were to sell, could you actually get that amount? If you did would you have enought to move somewhere else?

Unfortunately, we bought at the peak of the market, so we don't have to worry about those concerns.