Monday, May 12, 2008

The Barn Quilt Project

layout and design

a family affair

painter's union

how to make a barn quilttractor shed gets new look

Another finished project with the grandkids! I think I have this grandmother thing figured out, you just act like one of the kids and have lots of fun!


June said...

It looks fantastic! Now that I've seen the finished product I'm definitely going to show it to Judy and see if she'd be interested in doing something like this on our shed.

Pam said...

Susan!! I have been watching for the barn blocks to be posted... they are FABULOUS!! I tried to pick a favorite but there is no way a favorite could be found, they are are wonderful.

I'm with you on the one way would they have a water fight, go on a hike or dig out a board game without calling us to join them...Grands...yep, it's true...we shoulda had them first!


TUFFENUF said...

The barn turned out great! I love the photos of all your spring blooms! I hope you didn't get any of the bad storms up your way.

CONNIE W said...

I think this is awesome!
Love it.

jellyhead said...

You definitely DO have the grandmothering thing figured out! And the barn project looks great.

By the way, you look about thirty in that photo!!

sharon b said...

This is sooo Kool.. I love this idea.. My shed has needed a new coat of paint.. My husband will have a stroke.. But, I'm off to get some oops paint and a brush..Love your barn quilt..

andsewitis Holly said...

Susan, those kids did a GREAT job on those quilt blocks. Looks fantastic. I may be putting one on my fence right in the middle of downtown! Hmmm... maybe I should set up a quilt named/themed cache near it.

Kerri said...

You are the best grandma, Susan! The barn quilts turned out to be awesome!! What a great project. The girls will always remember doing this with you.
Yes, you sure do have the grandmother thing figured out. I can't think of a better way to have fun than to spend time with the grandkids :)