Thursday, April 10, 2008

vacation diversity

Just 5 weeks til vacation!

We will be heading up to the Canadian Rockies this year, a little something different for us, as a usual getaway for us is a weekend trip to the Smokies or a few days at the beach in Florida. This year is a little different, though, as it marks 35 years of marriage!

So we are at that stage of making lists, shopping, pulling out dusty luggage.

Our own world traveler, Carrie, is our advisor on TSA regulations - what to check, what to carry on, what goes in that little ziploc bag...

She is a wealth of information:
  • No peanuts or trail mix across the border
  • Take a huge bag and say it's your purse, then you can take another bag as your 'carry on' luggage.
  • Carry on all your valuables (because they might get stolen otherwise) - things like camera, laptop, etc.

Everything is so different this year, just a few thoughts running through my mind:

shopping and packing for vacation is different this year
boots, socks, jeans, sweaters
instead of sunscreen, flip-flops, beach towels

transportation will be different this year
airplane rides and rental car
instead of pick up truck pulling a camper

accommodations will be different this year
hotels and motels and cabins
instead of camper, campsites, and fire rings

dining will be different this year
eating out, fast food, sit-down restaurants
instead of cooking out or picnics

the check list is even different
passports, luggage, plane tickets
instead of firewood, groceries, water

Scattered thoughts from a scattered brain! Hopefully it will all come together in time for a great experience! Keeping our fingers crossed...

~photo Florida vacation 2007


June said...

I don't get the "no peanuts or trail mix" across the border. ?? I'm sure you're getting more and more excited as the time grows closer.

Pam said...

Changing up a vacation now and then is fun! This year we are changing up vacations and doing what you are NOT doing...we'll be doing campfires, campgrounds and bug spray!

Getting there is half the fun...or so they say!


Finn said...

It sounds like a ton of fun Susan, and I think you will have a wonderful time! Change is good and challenging. Take lots of pictures. Hugs, Finn

Rick said...

What?! Your not taking me?! Pleeeeeease! lol! ;-) Have fun!