Tuesday, March 4, 2008

high school 101

Last night was 'introduction to high school' meeting for 8th graders and parents. Wow, high school! Granddaughter Sarah is headed that way. Melissa and Sarah attended, now they are all pumped up and ready to start!

money talks - to get parents and kids to attend this meeting, gift cards were given out to lucky students, parents, even the teacher with the most students there.

no slackers - New state requirements - all diplomas will be college-prep.

directing traffic - Everyone has a Graduation Coach to steer you in the right direction - (we used to call them guidance counselors).

driving force - 10 unexcused absences = no drivers licence.

just do it (or don't) - advice from me - someone who has been there, done that:

do get involved
do be yourself
do your homework
do play sports

don’t stress out
don’t be late
don’t give in
don’t forget to have fun

This for all you girls about 13
High school can be so rough
Can be so mean
Hold onto, onto your innocence
Stand your ground
When everybody's givin' in

This one's for the girls
Who've ever had a broken heart
Who've wished upon a shooting star
You're beautiful the way you are

This one's for the girls
Who loved without holdin back
Who dreamed with everything they had
All around the world

lyrics This Ones for the Girls ~Martina McBride, singer / Aimee Mayo songwriter


The Calico Cat said...

Even though I would like to go back & learn typing & shorthand - instead of Algebra & calculus, you couldn't get be to go back to high school for all of the gift cards they had in the whole joint!

June said...

I love that song! Glad to see that they're going to be tightening the reins. Does college prep diplomas mean that they're teaching to a test? Hope not.

Kerri said...

Wow...high school. Hard to imagine! They're growing up Grandma :)
I hope Sarah has a wonderful highschool experience.

Joann said...

Graduation coaches are not counselors. They're just in charge of trying harder than anyone else in the school to get the stats to conform to Federal law so that the money can keep coming in from the Feds. They don't even have to have counseling credentials or experience. The only problem with everyone getting "College Prep" deplomas, is that not everyone is cut out for that track, or interested in it. Interestingly in my school the number of credits required to graduate has dropped from 28 Carnegie Units to 24, however, and I think that's to compensate for the fact that with everyone going the College Prep route, the poor schmucks that have to take Algebra twice and Chemistry twice and Literature twice. and you get the idea. I think it's interesting that the Feds now have all these requirements initiated by "W" when he came into office, but the year he is a lame duck and the war in Iraq is unpopular, he has cut education and is not funding NCLB legislation at previous levels, so evidentally education isn't as important as he thought it was. It wasn't adequate money to implement it to begin with, but with the funding cut significantly, achieving the goals of this program now become laughable -- though they will slave drive teachers and administrators to GET THOSE TEST SCORES UP and the DROP OUT RATES DOWN or we'll fire you all and bring in teachers and administrators who can. That's what happens to schools and their personnel who don't make Adequate Yearly Performance (AYP) for two years in a row. ---Stepping off the soapbox now.--- Sorry for the rant. Didn't know I was that angry until I started writing so much! I know you're granddaughter will be stellar and I'm sure she is a true College Prep student.