Friday, February 8, 2008

one thing leads to another

Wiley coyote ~ After heading out to wait for the school bus yesterday morning, the grandkids came rushing back into the house talking about the coyote standing in the driveway. This was no cartoon coyote, or just another excuse to miss school, the howling backed up their story. Ah, just another adventure of life in the country.

Newsworthy ~ Speaking of cartoons, daughter Carrie's favorite television channel is Cartoon Network. By watching this collection of programming (Sponge Bob, etc.), she is shielded from any current events. Joining us for supper and watching the evening news over the last few months, she has been enlightened by the fact that a woman is running for president (really?), by the possibility of a recession (what's that?), but her favorite part of the show is still the commercials.

Target ads ~ Speaking of the news, watching it has confirmed the fact that the news is almost always bad, but not nearly as bad as the commercials during the news. Why are all the ads during the evening news for laxatives, adult diapers, ED, high blood pressure, heart disease, bladder control, and arthritis. Here's a thought - what if the television is programmed to sense the age group in the room, and target with age-related ads? Are we really that old? Are we all constipated? Are our bodily functions out of control? Who knew?

Home alone ~Speaking of being out of control, I received a call from daughter Melissa this week. Her 13-year-old Sarah was scheduled to spend her first afternoon as a latchkey kid. In preparation for this, Melissa hid the key to the 4-wheeler, made up a long list of stuff to keep her busy, and called me to 'check' on her periodically. Melissa used to be a latchkey kid, I wonder what she was so worried about, she never got into any trouble...

Bodacious blogs
~ Janeywan at Life in Westcliffe has bestowed upon me the Bodacious Blog award, thanks! I looked up bodacious at Websters and found these 2 definitions: 1) incorrigible, and 2) unrestrained by convention or propriety. Very interesting! Passing this one on to some fellow Georgia bloggers:

Dot at Strolling Through Georgia: A photo a day from the State of Georgia.

Joann at Higher Ground journals her journey with breast cancer with Welcome to the latest news of the Boobs.

Mary Zelda - a very interesting approach, real family stories as told by Mary Zelda - A Fictive Account - In Her Words - If She Blogged. Characters and events in this story are real. Conversations are remembered or imagined.

I find television to be very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book. ~Groucho Marx

My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What am I doing right? ~Charles M. Schulz

Dance like it hurts, Love like you need money, Work when people are watching. ~Scott Adams

Wrapping up another week here, TGIF!


ImperfectNerd said...

You are clever and have a wry sense of humor, Susan! I'm glad I happened by!

June said...

Maybe the advertisers figure that the news you're hearing is making your blood pressure rise :-)

I visit Strolling Through Georgia on a regular basis...enjoy it very much.

Loved the quotes, especially the one by Charles Schulz!

ImperfectNerd said...

Have a great weekend, Susan!

colleen said...

I find those drug ads evil. They scare me. I do like Target Ads though. They are very inventive and fun to watch.

I left you a comment to yours at LL. Still looking for that letter F.

dot said...

Thanks for the award!
I enjoyed this post. You DO have a great sense of humor and you are a good writer also.

andsewitis Holly said...

I'm with Groucho Marx. Not much into t.v. or movies except for a few shows that hook me in once in a while.

Jean said...

Incorrigible, that's us! Thank you for recognition of Mary Zelda.

Mary Zelda is restrained by propriety, but every now and then even she "breaks out in a new place."