Friday, November 30, 2007

more good advice

Looking for good advice?

Looking for gift ideas?

Would you really give a shirt that said:
"It's okay to be a little bottom heavy"

Let nature help you out with these great tees
from the National Wildlife Federation.

Advice from a Snowman:
Be a jolly, happy soul
Spend time outdoors
Stay cool
It's okay to be a little bottom heavy
Avoid meltdowns
Be well rounded
Live well, life is short.

Advice from a Penguin:
Dive into life
Find warmth among friends
Appreciate snow days
Take long walks
Stand together
Go the extra mile
Keep your cool!

Advice from a Wolf:
Trust your instincts
Be at home in nature
Keep your den clean
Stand for what you believe
Stay on track
Howl with your friends
Be a leader
Pack life with good memories!


Advice from a Bear:
Live large
Climb beyond your limitations
When life gets hairy, grin & bear it
Eat well
Live with the seasons
Take a good, long nap
Look after your honey!


Advice from an Owl:
Stay focused
Be “hoo” you are
Trust in a wise friend
Live off the land
Glide through the dark times
Be observant
Life’s a hoot!

Which one fits you to a tee? One of these above? Or maybe one of the summer advice tees - advice from a sunflower, mountain, river, butterfly, and tree - here.

Advice tees from the National Wildlife Federation found here.


June said...

I liked them all. I think I had the same difficulty with the summer ones - hard to pick just one. Too bad they don't let you pick and choose lines and custom make one :-)

janeywan said...

I like the snowman one. I'd like to believe my bottom isn't that big yet, but by the end of the holidays we'll see.
I pretty routinely have melt downs these days.

Sandy said...

I like all of them, but probably the kids would say the snowman fits me the best, but I'd say the owl does...or at least I'd like to believe that it does. hehehe

Mimi said...

Excellent advice from all our animal friends and yes I would give a shirt that said it's ok to be bottom heavy and I would even wear one too because I think it is ok to be bottom heavy.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Oh goodness, it's hard to choose. I like all of them.