Thursday, November 15, 2007

images of autumn

the forest bling
will all be gone

down to
the bare bones
of winter
here in the woods

a time to
close up
snuggle down

of autumn
to remember

keeping warm
on the hottub

fall leaves
on the deck

one lonely rocker


June said...

Your poem says and your photo shows what we're all feeling: the season's change is upon us.

jellyhead said...

A beautiful piece of poetry, Susan, and the photo completes it perfectly!

colleen said...

Chairs that don't rock are useless to me. Nothing is more inviting. I like the sparse look of the poem reflecting the pared down look of November.

Sandy said...

Oh how pretty it is there. I love your poem too.

Joann said...

I once had the special experience of sitting in a hot tub while it snowed. It was magical to tilt my head backwards and just watch those unique flakes floating down, down, down while I slow cooked myself in the hot tub.

Ice cream covered in Kaluha makes it all even more wonderful.

Lucky you.

Beth said...

Wonderful poem, Susan. It evokes the mood and feeling of November perfectly.

If I were there, that rocker wouldn't be lonely for long. :)

Kerri said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!
Do you take sweet Maggie with you when you stay in the camper on the jobsites?