Friday, July 13, 2007

losing sleep

a few of this week's things for construction superintendents to lose sleep over:

The architect wants to add a wall… and add this other room…

The wallpaper is $46,000? I don't think so

You lost the elevator cab? Find it.

The crown moulding company is going through a hostile takeover and nothing is shipping out…

The job trailer is leaving the site today, Friday the 13th... Murphy's Law: If it can go wrong, it will.

The good news is it's Friday!

Would you rather be somewhere else? Like at these places I found pictured online this week? Just imagine...

photos: Vernal Falls, Yosemite found at Wikipedia, Oklahoma Sky taken by fellow blogger, Tetons barn found on Webshots


Mama Koch said...

That barn looks familiar!

I'd say that wallpaper is outta my budget too!

jellyhead said...

Hi Susan,

Sounds like trouble at the building site! Hope it all gets sorted out promptly.

Nope, this weekend I'm not hankering to be elsewhere - just happy to be pottering around home, doing some baking and reading. Those photos are amazing, though.

Hope you have a great weekend :)