Wednesday, May 16, 2007

artist at work

Reading Tree by Madison

Original art work by Madison is available at First Art Works. The pictures are framed and matted and available for purchase at $27.95 each, which covers the framing, plus a percentage of the sales goes directly to the school art department.

There was an art show yesterday at school featuring masterpieces from the entire elementary school.

Who knows - maybe someday Madison will be famous and that first framed piece will be very valuable!

(I made arrangements with Madison to purchase something 'under the table' for my private collection!)


janet said...

What talent!

Sandy said...

That's beautiful. We had one of our daughters first grade pictures framed for posterity. She won first place in an artist contest for first graders.

Motherkitty and Tomas I think frame most of their grandchildren's paintings. When framed they really look great!