Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wiped out

“The apple and peach crops in North Georgia are wiped out," says Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin on below freezing temperatures that covered most of the state this past weekend.

The white apple blossoms covered the hillsides last week, just in time for that little cold snap, a.k.a. Dogwood Winter.

The cold weather really did a number on our little town of Ellijay - The Apple Capital of Georgia. What will this mean for all the apple growers? No roadside stands, no apple houses open this fall, no Apple Festival in October?

For all of us living in apple country, this will be a season to remember.


Motherkitty said...

Hasn't this been one of the craziest springs!!!??? As you could see by my recent posts, the flowering plants and trees were gorgeous this year. My lilac bush was spectacular. And now everything looks forlorn, dead, burnt, horrible. My hostas look like rotting lettuce.

I'm sorry about the apple crop. Maybe mother nature will play a trick and make the trees flower again. If not, I'm sure everybody will be hurting because of the loss of the crop. They were reporting on the damage to the grape crops here and the local wineries were bemoaning their loss.

It could be worse (and probably will be with global warming). We could have another dust bowl.

bluemountainmama said...

that's a shame.....we, too, got this cold snap and i'm sure with similar results as we are near a big apple area in virginia. probably the only thing that saved us was that we weren't quite as far along as down south....

colleen said...

My tulips have been brought to their knees.