Monday, April 2, 2007

river of life

Mt. LeConte Trip

riding an innertube on the river of life

will the water be too cold

will I hesitate to start the journey

or just jump in and get used to it

will there be bumps and rocks

occasional rapids

areas of smooth sailing

will I be basking in the warm sun

or under the clouds

with a rainshower to make me shiver

what will I see along the way

green trees

blue skies






unfriendly natives

will I hear banjo music

what if my tube turns over

will I be able to keep my head above water

will I have to ask for help

is there another tube attached

riding along side by side

or one just filled with refreshment

will I plan the route

or just ride along with the current,

go with the flow

is this a lazy river

raging river

whitewater river

are there any waterfalls along the way

do I hurry to finish the journey

and where does it end

or make my way to the edge and climb out early

life is a journey, not a destination

so enjoy the ride!

~Susan Tidwell 2007

~photo 27 September 2006 on the way to Mt. Leconte


Motherkitty said...

Is this where we discover whether we are daring or just stay-at-home slugs like me?

colleen said...

I think I'll skip along barefoot and jump from rock to rock.

jellyhead said...

You're such a creative person, Susan!

Creative, and also the type to brave the rapids on the river of life!

Sandy said...

Susan, you are so witty and have such a way with words!
That stream looks so refreshing.