Monday, March 19, 2007

in search of a bargain

she had the money

she knew what she wanted

she shopped all around

her eBay search resulted in a long list

she started weeding them out -

seller is new - delete
seller feedback less than 100% - not good enough
coming from China - too far

no pictures - next
too many scratches - I don't think so
$15 shipping? - too high

Finally several made her watch list.

She went to take a bath and missed one that sold for a very good price - no more baths.

She watched and waited and finally got one!

Madison (age 9) now has her very own Nintendo DS Lite, she is the envy of all the other grandkids and the newest eBay buyer in the family.

Note - Madison comes from a long line of bargain hunters - her immediate family alone have bought/sold on eBay everything from engagement rings to cars to wedding dresses. Her grandpa Buddy keeps the delivery guys busy with important things like teddy bears and coffee... But the one that started it all, Madison's great-grandmother Inez who would shop for hours looking for bargains in the basement at Rich's. Inez would be proud of you, Madison!


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Way to go Madison!!
I'm too chicken to buy anything from Ebay myself although my pc has been used to buy car seats, a heating system for a house and a sidecar and all without a hitch.
I shop online, but something about ebay intimidates me. Silly me.

colleen said...

What a wise cookie. It reminds me of my son Josh. When my sons were young we had no TV for a time and I didn't allow video games. When he was around 12 he wanted one so bad that he made his case, drafted an agreement and found one used that he paid for. I was very impressed and both sons have been playing video games (or using the computer for something) ever since.

Well told, too.

PS I'm shopping for an antique typewriter and want one from EBAy but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Kerri said...

What a clever girl Madison is! She can sure use her noggin.
I always enjoy the way you tell stories :)
Glad you're enjoying the camping. The buffalo pics are great.

Janet C. said...

Give her my congratulations. Pretty cool for a nine year old.

Anonymous said...

Very good Madison! You are learning to be a wise shopper indeed! Always a good thing.

Here are 2 sites I want to pass on to you and the others. They are great for finding bargains on Ebay. I have them bookmarked and have used them to find some amazing deals.

Last minute ebay auction bargains- auctions ending in 1 hour or less for $1 or less!

No auction bids- ebay auctions ending soon that have no bids!