Friday, February 16, 2007

my practical valentine

after 35 years
he knows the way to my heart
is through teddy bears
and candy, he is so smart

he avoided long lines
and the last minute rush
he got my favorites,
hoping I would gush

a soft teddy bear and
Whitman's chocolate! I raved
it is February 15th…
think of the money he saved!


Motherkitty said...

Great minds DO think alike. We bought the last box of Valentine's candy in the store, went home and the two of us devoured it. Tasted really good even if it was 02/15/07.

You've got a very sweet husband.

jellyhead said...

Better late than never, right?! To make you feel better - although my hubby and I agreed not to give gifts, he didn't turn around and surprise me or anything, so I got mothing at all on the 14th *or* 15th!

I love Whitman's chocolate - YUM!

Susie said...

The main thing is that he remembered how special you are. The day he did it is much less important!

colleen said...

A sweet thoght and savings!

I stashed a card in my suitcase because I knew we'd be camping when the day rolled around. For me, Joe took me to the "real" ocean after being at the Gulf of Mexico for 5 days.