Thursday, December 14, 2006

seeing red

Update on the roof - the roofers showed up yesterday just after I blogged about their tardiness, sorry guys. They worked hard and stayed til almost 5!

Buddy was up early this morning (couldn't sleep as usual) and worked on his annual Christmas letter, a tradition started way back in 1990 and eagerly anticipated by all on our address list. I can now copy, fold, stuff, and get it on its way, another year documented and behind us.

Well, I made the dreaded switch to Beta Blogger. It seemed easy and painless, but "comments" do not seem to be working, and about the time I switched over I got an internet virus/worm. So my computer is shut down until I can contact the repairman. In the meantime, I moved over a chair in our home 'office' - thanks Buddy for letting me use your computer! I will try not to breathe on it so as to spread any germs.


Dorothy said...

Your roof is a perfect choice - even half done, it looks like it was always supposed to be there.

And look! Comments works! ;o)

bluemountainmama said...

i made the switch yesterday, too. i couldn't post or comment on other's sites for several days...blogger wouldn't accept my password and would say there was an html error when i tried to post. but now that i've updated, everything seems fine. but i haven't put up a new post, so we'll see!

Anonymous said...

oh, no, not beta-blogger! I don't like all the security messages that come up when I try to leave a comment (but then, I've never been good with change!)

I laughed when I read about you not breathing on Buddy's computer!

And the roof is looking great! I thought the red might be a bit bright, but it's not at all - looks just right.


Janet C. said...

You'll like Beta after you get use to it.
Love the red roof.

laurel said...

This is a test, just a test, to see if beta blogger will allow my comment. Now I don't know if I really want to change over or not with all the problems everyone is reporting.

BTW, I'm still waiting for the room reservation. Red Roof Inn looks nice.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your red roof is the same as ours and ours was christened the day after it was put on.

Beta Blogger won't let me change because I have a shared other blog. They gave me the option to start a new one or to just wait until they can work something out. I can't wait to change to find out about it's better qualities.