Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Hold the Presses!

The deadline for getting anything into our local weekly newspaper is Tuesday noon, but on election day they Hold The Presses until the election results are in. In this modern time, there is even an online edition, which is where I read this morning about the fate of the courthouse:

A majority of voters also voted to demolish the current Gilmer County Courthouse to make way for a Phase Two of the current Gilmer County Courthouse project. The totals in that matter were 4,282, or 59 percent to tear down the building, and 2,973, or 41 percent to keep the building.

The building, which was built as a hotel in the late 19th century, has served as the county courthouse since 1934. It will be demolished as soon as the current construction project is completed, which is scheduled for the middle of 2007.

Check out the online newspaper for other breaking news in our little town, such as the Veteran's Day Parade this Friday and the upcoming Red Cross blood drive. There is also a good picture of the autumn-colored mountains.


Motherkitty said...

Well, that's a shame about the courthouse, but time marches on and time waits for no man. It's all about innovation and progress.

Your local newspaper sounds just like mine. I'm going to check ours out right now because I can't wait for the real newspaper to be printed this afternoon to find out the election results. The most hotly contested race here was for county attorney and our candidate won. Woohoo. Maybe she'll give me a job that I applied for!!!

jellyhead said...

I guess it makes sense to demolish, but I hope they manage to salvage some original features. Thanks for letting us know the outcome.

I'm intrigued by Motherkitty's comment, are you? (Sounds like she's planning to un-retire!)