Thursday, December 28, 2006

elves secrets revealed

Hand-made gifts are special, fun to make and receive. And with a workshop full of tools and wood, everyone has a great time. The little elves have been busy this year, they were hard at work here and here, and this is the result:

Kyle made a key rack for Keith:

Kyle made a frog calendar for Melissa:

Sarah made a frog basket for Melissa:

Madison made a bean-bag frog for Melissa:

If you haven't guessed by now, Melissa collects frogs, it looks like all the kids are trying to please mom.


Motherkitty said...

What clever children! I loved everything they made. I was going to say -- there's a theme here or else Melissa loves frogs. I'm sure she loved these frogs a lot, especially because the kids made these. So much better than store-bought, don't you think? Were they surprised when they opened the packages?

colleen said...

I was going to say that we didn't get any homemade gifts this year, but then I remembered Josh's pottery. A friend also made us some homemade Kaluah and another made cookies. The purple scarf I mentioned that made me want to go out just so people could admire it was handmade but not by anyone we know.

I loved typing class in school. It was my first form of meditation. How magical I felt to be typing away without thinking. As soon as I thought too much about it, I'd make a mistake. I tried to get my sons to take keyboarding but neither did. I'm proud to not be a peck typer.

John Cowart said...

All kinds of talent here; I like the key rack best.