Thursday, September 7, 2006

fixer upper

I came across this old quilt out in the shop. I don't know who put in the hours of cutting and sewing, but for sure it had to be someone in Buddy's family, maybe Aunt Bess or Aunt Gene? All these little stars, what are they scraps of?

The one area of damage was obviously a warm home for little shop inhabitants, and they probably thought they had gone to mouse heaven when finding the soft cotton batting for a home.

I knew the first thing I had to do was run it through the washer, even though I also knew it probably would do more harm. But I did, and it doesn't look any worse, and at least it is clean now!

The second thing was deciding what to do about the damage. Should I cut off a rectangle of undamaged quilt for a smaller quilt or wall-hanging? Should I try to fix the area, replacing the blocks? I decided to fix it, so I could leave the original size of the quilt intact.

After much searching, I found some fabric that matches close enough and started piecing it back together. Thanks to some great advice from the quilting guru known as Finn, I am now finished with the renovation project.

Buddy has said many times that he would rather build something new than to remodel or renovate an old place. Once starting a renovation, more and more damage comes to light than was originally seen. The same was true for this project. Usually, I would also rather make something new than take something apart and fix it. But I really enjoyed this restoration project, and hope this quilt holds together for a few more generations.

If only I knew the background of this piece of family history, or at least the name of the quilt pattern...


TUFFENUF said...

I am glad you took the time to fix it. It is a beautiful quilt. Sure, it would have been easier to start new, but whoever made this originally would be proud to know that it is still being used.

Amy P The Calico Cat said...

WOW That is impressive!

Motherkitty said...

Star light, star bright, first quilt I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have that quilt I see tonight.

Bad poetry, but great job refurbishing this antique masterpiece. The lady who so lovingly pieced and sewed this quilt is happily looking down on you from Heaven. She is probably thanking you for taking the time and effort to restore what she put her heart and soul into creating. This beautiful thing will live on because you cared. I hope your family will appreciate it for years to come.

Finn said...

Hi Susan, I'm behind as usual..but what a great three generation pic, and I've just gotta get back and your Sept night post!!

BUT...thanks for the kind words..I really didn't do all that much. The restored quilt looks very happy to me, and oldie but a goodie.
Not washing wasn't really an option. If mice had been at it, I don't think anyone should handle and disturb fabric in that condition. Too many possibities to inhale something.
If it stood up to washing and drying, it at least has a chance to survive a few more generations.
Obviously it's condition would still NOT be listed as fair to good, but in regards to fabric.."fragile" isn't that terrible a label. Like humans, we just show them a bit more tenderness and care that other things.
You matching and patch work look wonderful. I had to use my magnifying glass to see the difference in the lattice or sashing. The setting posts blend right in, as does the star fabric.
Can't help you with WHO might have used their scrapbag to piece this beauty, but I can tell you, it's an 8 pointed star block I don't know if this particular configurement is called something "hunters star" or whathave you, but I'll look in a couple of my books and see if I come up with anything.
I'm so proud of are doing an awesome job for your family in taking on the restoration of the 3 quilts I've seen you work on. GREAT JOB!!! Hugs, Finn

"Grandi" said...

It looks great!! Too many folks would have passed that by, or worse - tossed it! You did a great job on the resoration!

sharon b said...

think your quilt block is an Ohio Star... Beautiful repair job.. A true act of quilt loving. A real treasure for sure..Someone up in heaven is smiling at you for saving her work.. You might want to take it to one of the regions quilt fair where there is an quilt appraiser. I think there is a quilt show in Hiawassee GEorgia in October.. Or maybe called Lake haiwassee..They have a wonderful show and a table where you can have your quilt evaluated for a small donation.. They can usually date the fabric and such..

catsmum said...

It doesn't appear to be an Ohio Star but could be a LeMoyne Star [ or Lemon Star depending on the source] Is the star made up of 8 diamonds? [ LeMoyne] or a central square with triangles for the points ? [ evening star]