Wednesday, May 31, 2006

now appearing

Summer is unofficially here.

All is quiet here on the hill, as everyone is scattered out, gone from here. Daughter Melissa (mom of 4) and hubby Keith are off on their annual anniversary/vacation trip without kids.

All the kids are off visiting their other many and varied families, and as always, they all just happen to be gone at the same time, conveniently (or with much advanced planning) on Melissa's part.

Sarah and Racheal traveled this past weekend to spend the summer with their other family. Kyle and Madison are doing some traveling as well with their other grandparents, Bobbie and Ed.

**Now Appearing**

Return of the Super Grandma!

Oh, sure, WE live next door, WE take them camping and hiking. WE built a them a treehouse. WE take them geocaching. WE help them with their school projects, take them to ballgames, attend school functions, teach them to crochet, babysit til all hours…

But WE can't compete with:


She exudes coolness. She swings in here, scoops them up, and off they go. The word NO is stricken from the vocabulary. Whatever you sweet little kids want, we will do that!

Bungee jumping? No problem.

White water rafting? Let's go!

Eat steak every night for supper? MMM.

We all love Grandma Bobbie, she is so much fun and has a great outlook on life. Only one question - Bobbie, please do you have room for one more?

(pictured on the Nantahala River last week - in front Kyle and Ed, Bobbie is behind Kyle, and Madison's blond hair is just visible behind Ed)


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

We went there whitewater rafting too. We rode a three hour train ride and had a blast...Can't wait to do it again.

You sound like you're feeling a little of the empty nest thingy. I get that way when I have to share the kids with the OTHER grandmas too.

Enjoy the quiet while you have it and you & your hubby get out and do something special for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Grandparents are the most wonderful people... :)

John Cowart said...

When our kids want to get away from it all, they come here!
And they bring it all with them.

Finn said...

What fun....having grandkids sooo near that you can participate in their lives..*VBS* That's what I thought grandparenting would be...unfortunately, the Universe had other plans. One does the best one can.....enjoy!!! Steak every night???Hmmmmm?

LZ Blogger said...

This looks like such a kick! ~ jb///

jellyhead said...

Grandma Bobbie sounds like fun, but you sound like you give your grandkids support, comfort, and your own brand of fun.

I bet your grandkids love you more than you would ever know.

doubleknot said...

How lucky can grandkids get - to have two grandmas that offer different types of support.
Hope you are enjoying your quiet time.