Tuesday, April 18, 2006


On the heels of the forsythia and daffodils announcing spring -
come the azaleas. Around the South they are in bloom now.

This is the house in Atlanta where Buddy and his sisters grew up and lived their whole life. The house was finished in 1942, built by Buddy's dad for his new family. I am sure everyone in the neighborhood looked forward to the blooming of the pink azalea bushes out front every year. I don't know for sure who had the green thumb in the family, but I would wager it was TwoMama.

I have planted many azaleas
over the years,
as usual not having much luck,
except with this one,
it has been here over 10 years,
and every year I am amazed.

Replica in fabric
of the above house
for the family quilt
- 1987.


Finn said...

Hi Susan, what lovely pictures..*VBS* The azaleas are so beautiful, and such a part of the south. They offer them for sale up here in WI, but hey aren't hardy here...you have to have them as house plants or just for the season.

Great fabric version of the house..Really neat!!

jellyhead said...

That is a beautiful house your hubby grew up in, and what a great idea to incorporate it into a family quilt.

Oh, yes - pretty azaleas, too!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The azalea bushes in front of the family home are HUGE and so beautiful.
I have one azalea and it was in my last post of Cucoo just as it had started blooming out. It is still blooming out and is pretty. I want to plant more.
The replica of the family house for the quilt is a great idea.