Saturday, January 14, 2006

first snow...

on the


Motherkitty said...

We received about a half inch but none stuck to the street or sidewalks. This morning the sun is out and is all melting. I sure looked pretty coming down, though. Hope you have a wonderful day out in the country.

Motherkitty said...

Duh, I guess I typed too fast and didn't think to recheck what I had written. It should read "This morning the sun is out and (it) is all melting. I(t) sure looked pretty coming down, though."

I don't think I was coming down, although if I was, I think I really would have looked pretty or I would have hurt myself if I hit the concrete instead of the lawn.

jellyhead said...

When it's summer again let's have a BBQ on your back deck...looks like a perfect spot! (of course, if you're not feeling like visitors, you could always come to OUR back deck!)

doubleknot said...

What a nice picture of the snow. Guess what you can keep the snow I will just enjoy the pictures. We are having a 'cold' snap down here suppose to get down to 34 or so - cold enough for my legs to ache.

Seeing Anew said...

Wow what a great view from your deck! Looks like a nice place for some birdfeeders :-) Does the snow ever get bad enough there for the kids to have a "snow day" off school?

susan said...

Judith, the only bird feeders we have had luck with are the hummingbird ones in the summer. We tried the other kind with bird seed, but the birds acted like they didn't know what it was (we figured they were just Yankee birds coming south for the winter - hehe), but the racoons and bears really liked it.