Monday, November 21, 2005

Seasonal Transitions

End of football season. Kyle's team was undefeated except for that one game, which was the playoff game. They were then invited to the Turkey Bowl this past weekend in Chattanooga where they played 3 games. A great way to end a great season. Good job, Bobcats! Now maybe the parents and kids can get some rest, no more football practice, games, etc. Oh wait, basketball practice started last week.

End of the NASCAR season. Yesterday was the last race of the 2005 season. We used to not understand why anyone would want to watch over 40 cars go round and round for 500 miles, until we actually went to a race. WOW! The speed, the noise of the engines, the speed, the crowds, the speed, the rubbing and bumping of cars at that SPEED! What a rush! If we are home on a Sunday afternoon we will watch part of the race. Several of the older drivers are retiring this year, and there are several youngsters taking their places. One of the rookies, Carl Edwards, does a back flip off of his car when he wins, and the crowds roar. Congrats to Tony Stewart in the Home Depot car for winning the overall 2005 season. Now maybe they and all their crew, etc., can get some rest from all the traveling and spend some time with their families, or maybe they will just have more time to work on next year's cars and strategies.

End of an era. Friday was Buddy's last day in the 1973 Holiday Rambler travel trailer. His dad bought it way back when he was a construction superintendent to stay in while working out of town. Then he and Buddy stayed in it together when working in the same area. Then Buddy inherited it and has been using it ever since when he has to work out of town. The old trailer was sold last week, movin on to be a huntin/fishin cabin for some great outdoors folks. Hope it enjoys its retirement and its new home on Lake Russell.

End of a job. Speaking of Buddy, he has been out of town (except on weekends) on a job for about 6 months. He is back now until the next job turns up. Great to have him back, I don't like batchin it!

End of the good weather. Forecast calls for highs in the 40s this week, with some possible freezing rain and maybe even snow on Thanksgiving. We filled the woodbox yesterday, bring it on!

End of the leaves and cobwebs. Raked leaves all weekend, whew! Hopefully they are gone for another year. Did my semi-annual cleaning, doing away with a layer of dust and cobwebs in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner company.

I am finally getting into the holiday frame of mind. Planning the dinner, shopping for food, looking at gifts to make or buy for Christmas. Buddy tested the Christmas lights on the front of the house yesterday, and after searching for that one elusive bulb that was out, they are now all working and ready to turn on Thanksgiving night. Not exactly the Griswalds, but we do our part. So here's to the end of one season, on to the next.

Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.


Motherkitty said...

I say thanks for little favors. I guess I'm into blogging so much because Husband is so into football (both local, college, and professional), Kentucky basketball, NASCAR, any old thing played with a ball, and any old thing on PBS, C-SPAN, or Tech-TV. I think you get my drift. It's terrible when you're reired -- you have to find something to do with all your spare time.

Hope you have a wonderful turkey day with your family. That was funny about your Christmas lights. I looked out back before I went to bed last night and noticed a second neighbor on the next street had covered his house with lights already. What is this world coming to? It's like wearing white before Easter!

Motherkitty said...

I made a typo -- it should read, "It's terrible when you're retired."

Finn said...

Neat piece Susan, I like the endings and beginnings aspect. A very interesting idea...some days feel like that, don't they?

I'm happy to hear you won't be flying solo for awhile...*S*..also a good idea.

Have a great turkey day...Finn

Seeing Anew said...

Snow? In Georgia? On Thanksgiving? Is that unusual. We are expecting 2" of snow here tomorrow, but this is Ohio :-) Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!

jellyhead said...

Transitions are good, right? Without change it would be a dull old world.

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.

susan said...

Yes, transitions are good, must move on! And like everything else, the weather forecast has changed also. No snow for us this week. It would have been very unusual for us this time of year.

doubleknot said...

Nice post. Have a nice Thanksgiving.