Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Nature's palette

The trees are finally starting to turn colors! This is the view from my office (far left). I have a great husband who just happens to be a carpenter, and who built me a wonderful desk looking out into the yard. So if I don't get much work done, it is because I am daydreaming looking out my window. I often have to go out and walk around and enjoy this great cool weather, as I know it won't last for long. Nothing like the changing of the seasons to bolster the spirits, to get ready for the next phase of life. The seasons do seem to be passing by pretty fast, though, I guess we must be having fun!

To everything there is a season
And a time for every purpose under the sun.


jellyhead said...

What a divine view! No wonder you have trouble getting work done. By the way, what sort of work are you trying to get done? (if it's not too intrusive to ask - please tell me to MYOB if you'd rather not say!)

Dawn said...

Susan - thanks for the visit to my blog! The quilt you asked about is around 25" x 25" - just a guess since I'm not at home right now!

But doesn't that black stitching (black perle cotton) around the applique really set it off! I love it. I'm doing a new one right now on black background where I outlined in red pearl cotton before I do the rest of the quilting! It really is cool!

susan said...

jellyhead, I do medical transcription here at home in my pjs

Alice said...

Susan - it's your husband's fault if you don't get any work done. Fancy building someone a desk to put near the window and look out on that beautiful view!! Make the most of it while the weather is good. Will you get snow where you are? Though there's nothing like a frost or cold snap to set the colour in the leaves, if there are any left by then.