Sunday, October 9, 2005

Summer is fading

Well, it is the first week of October and the signs of summer are fading. The most obvious sign is the cooler weather, thank goodness! The flowers on the deck are getting sparser, the impatiens and geraniums. The hostas in the yard are withering. I haven't seen a hummingbird in a couple of weeks, time to move on for them, too. We really enjoyed watching them buzz about. One thing we won't miss around here are the bears. We have only seen a few here at our house (especially after cooking out!), but Sue has really been plagued by them. They really like her brand of cat food, one even came into the house while they were gone.

We are transitioning into the next season, preparing for the cold weather ahead. The woodshed and heating oil tank are both full. Will be raking leaves soon. Maybe a camping trip or two in the cool weather.

Recently met a lady from Orlando visiting in the area, she said she likes to come up here for the season changes, as they do not have that in Florida. I remember living there, and that is one of the things we missed most, watching the seasons change. Like a lot of things, something you take for granted until it is gone.

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