Monday, October 31, 2005

Pig Hill of Fame

Colonel Poole's BBQ, the best in town! For $5 you can get YOUR name on a wooden pig cutout and on the Hill of Fame! This time of year on the weekends there is a line out the door and down the porch, where the tourists are busy looking over the menu. But us locals don't need a menu, cause we know what's good - BBQ sandwich and fries. So we get to just walk on past all the tourists and into the door! The fries are so good, we have often wondered if they are cooked in lard, but are afraid to ask, not REALLY wanting to know that bad.

Poole's BBQ

Colonel Poole plays the piano and often plays for the crowds of diners. But more often, Mrs. Poole has him helping out in the kitchen. He is also a former Methodist preacher and very active in politics, local, state, and national. Colonel Poole is quite a character and makes great BBQ! My stomach is growling just writing this...

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Seeing Anew said...

What a slice of American life! Colonel Poole's BBQ sounds really good. I love it that he plays the piano for his guests. Is your name on the hill too?