Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mt. LeConte

We have passed by Mt. LeConte many times in our travels to and from the Smokies. The mountain towers at 6,595 feet and is isolated except for a few trails to its summit. On the top sits a lodge built in 1925 that is only accessible to hikers. The hike climbs nearly 3000 feet in 5 miles. There is a full-time staff at the lodge, and supplies are brought in by llamas.

Staying overnight at the lodge is very popular, especially after the strenuous climb, so popular in fact that reservations have to be made up to a year in advance. Requests for reservations are too numerous, so they are put into a lottery, and beginning the first week in October, reservations are made from the lottery for the next year's lodging.

After deciding we wanted to try this, I sent in our reservation request for next year. According to the reply to my request, I would receive either an invoice or a 'sorry' letter by mail.


It arrived today! We have reservations to stay at Mt. LeConte Lodge overnight next September. I can't wait! I know I shouldn't get too excited, knowing our past history of being reservation-challenged (wonder what illness it will be this time?) but I am excited! Now just to get in shape...

Mt. LeConte

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