Monday, October 3, 2005

Just like riding a bike...

Went bike riding yesterday, the old-fashioned, two-wheeled, leg-powered kind. Drove down to the Silver Comet Trail with Carrie and Ryan, and biked 12 miles! It was a great ride, the weather was cool, riding through the countryside, through deep rock cuts, along streams, going through the 800 foot long Brushy Mountain Tunnel, climbing on Castle Rocks. Of course, there were geocaches along the way, seven in all (thank goodness, a chance to stop and rest!).

I haven't been on a bike that much since 4th grade, when we moved to Ft. Rucker, Alabama. We lived in on-base housing, everything was flat and paved, a kid's bike-riding dream! I remember getting my first 26" bike at the PX there. Then in 5th grade my dad retired and we moved to the North Georgia Mountains, on a hilly gravel road, and that was the end of my bike riding days!

We stopped by the Varsity yesterday on the way home, Buddy's favorite place to eat. The dogs and rings were great as always. I can just hear Inez, "Extra onions on mine!" We all made our food disappear pretty quickly after the workout we had. Buddy reminded Carrie of the list of things he wanted as a last request, adding Varsity fried peach pies to the list.

Looking forward to more trips to the SCT, next time taking along some of the grandkids.

Silver Comet Trail

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Ethan Curbow said...

Susan, You make me really miss the apple cider and apple butter...