Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Flying Turkeys!

Was out walking along the road. Kept hearing things in the woods. But I always hear things in the woods, that is one of the reasons I walk on the road (fraidy cat). It could be acorns falling (they are huge this year) or squirrels. But this scurrying kept getting louder and coming closer, up on the bank that I was passing, just across from Sue's driveway. Then all of a sudden here comes a huge turkey flying off the bank, across the road, and into the woods on the other side. Whew! I stopped to watch for the rest of them, as you rarely see just one turkey. I wonder what a group of turkeys is called? A gaggle? A flock? Anyway, there were just 3 altogether. They aren't the prettiest things to watch, not too graceful in flight, either. I heard them hitting tree limbs when they entered the woods. I was reminded of the WKRP turkey drop episode. But our wild country turkeys fly pretty good! I can't help but picture the scurrying I heard was them getting a running start to take off. With Thanksgiving so near, they better be booking a flight outta here.

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Rose said...

I miss WKRP...I always remember the turkey drop episode and the episode where someone left a baby with Johnny Fever.