Thursday, October 13, 2005


I spent a lot of time in fabric stores as a kid, looking at all the patterns and material, planning special occasion dresses or a whole new wardrobe for a new school year. We even looked at the hairstyles on the girls in the pattern books for ideas. There used to be fabric stores in most small towns. They are few and far between now, and mostly are dedicated to crafts. If I want to go to a fabric store now, it involves an hour trip one way.

But of course there is Wal-Mart! I went there yesterday to the fabric department and was surprised at all the people there. I am not sure what the draw was, but folks were buying fabric like crazy. Of course seeing all the fabric reminds me of my mom and Inez, both lovers of fabric. You see, fabric keeps well, so if it is on sale, you must have it (according to them, especially Inez). After helping clean out her shelves and boxes and closets and rooms of fabric, I no longer buy fabric unless I absolutely need it, and then sometimes I have to sleep on it just to make sure. But I still enjoy looking at the latest ideas and fabrics.

My mom loved to sew for herself and her house and clothes for kids and grandkids. I don't think I remember Inez sewing as much as buying fabric. I think that was her true love, the shopping part.

Carrie and Melissa help me keep up my sewing skills, making curtains or mending. I do have a basket of fabric pieces and scraps that the grandkids love to play with, creating costumes and dressing up. I know I need to get busy teaching them to sew, passin it on...

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