Friday, September 30, 2005

Our youngest...

Our youngest is 7 months old, but a big boy, weighing in at 40 pounds! He is cute and lovable, and gets very excited when we come over to visit. He loves to sit on the couch with Carrie and Ryan and watch TV. He sleeps a lot like little ones do. He loves to ride in the car and go to the park. He has a favorite squeaky toy.

His name is Ludacris, Luda for short. They named your grandson after a rapper??? Oh! Sorry, forgot to mention he is a puppy! I am occasionally asked to sew something for the grandkids, and Luda is no exception, I recently made him a pillow to lay on, but he has already outgrown it!

I was going to put some lyrics from Ludacris (the rapper) here… but I ran out of bleeping symbols !@#$%^&*.


Carrie (mother of Luda) said...

Awwwwww..... MY SON! He looks sooo cute in this picture! He's grown so much since then. Yep, 7 months old and he can already stretch out on the loveseat at fill up both cushions. Thanx Mom, for recognizing at least one of your grandsons. =)

Anonymous said...

PSST...Susan, the other one is Snap, the Cat...the one that lurks in the dark waiting to attack anything that moves.