Friday, April 14, 2017

ode to Sarah

Sarah 2017 college graduate!

Ode to Sarah

Sarah's graduation day is almost here
her family will gather, ready to cheer
hundreds of millennials will fill up the chairs
a huge milestone, a momentous affair

she's the big sister in her family crew
her siblings follow her every move
what she wears, what she does, the risks that she takes
what she can get by with, the decisions she makes

they have watched her work hard over the years
earning her keep, overcoming her fears
hoping to be in her footsteps someday
walking the walk on Graduation Day

when she was not studying or working perhaps
you saw her on various social apps
facebook or twitter, posting selfies with friends
insta or snapchatting the latest makeup trends

all those years of school now ancient history
what comes next is still a mystery
minion or master, pursuit of the dollar
applying what she learned as a scholar

but a little time off, a break if you please
in between school and life, if she could just squeeze
five months at Disney, is that too much to ask
before choosing adulting as her life's task

no time like the present, just do it now
once life takes over, no way no how
so say bye to us and to Mickey hello
ride all the rides and see all the shows

diploma and degree, a real college grad
we are all so proud, your mom and your dad
your sisters and brothers and Matthew too
congratulations to Sarah, we all love you!

~granma Susan
April 2017

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Buddy said...

A Poet and she knowit.....thanks Ma for putting pen to prose to celebrate our girl! A Momentous Day indeed!! Proud of you Sarah and looking forward to all the future holds for you. Grandpa Buddy