Tuesday, January 8, 2008

gone too soon

A lot of emotions around the North Georgia mountains this week - hope, anger, sadness.

There has been a hiker missing in these mountains for a week, we have been following the news stories. The disappearance, the search and rescue effort, the capture of a person of interest, the parents' pleas, the clues piling up pointing toward only bad news. It is finally over, her attacker led the authorities to her body last night.

Is it not safe to hike in the woods any more? Can we not get out on a sunny day and hike on a popular trail in the mountains? I know this is not about me, but somehow I feel it is about me and everyone else who enjoys the peacefulness of the trail, everyone who loves these beautiful mountains.

I did not know this young woman, but I can certainly empathize with her family. I have daughters around her age, daughters who we teach to be self sufficient, to be confident enough to go it alone. I know the family is relieved to have the search over, glad that the nut is in custody, but now they will have to live with this forever, their beautiful daughter gone too soon.

Yesterday I had a dream about dying
About laying to rest and then flying
How the moment at hand
Is the only thing we really own

And I lay in my bed and I wonder
After all has been said and is done for
Why is it thus we are here
And so soon we are gone

Is this life just a path to the place
That we all have come from
Does the heart know the way
And if not, can it ever be found
In a smile or a tear or a prayer
Or a sigh or a song

Why is it thus we are here
And so soon we are gone

~lyrics "On the wings of a dream" by John Denver


June said...

I couldn't have said it better Susan. This story and others like it makes me think of all the solo things I've done throughout my life and the ones I've yet to do...and I will do them. It's a sad state of affairs, that's for sure.

Gypsy Quilter said...

I know just how you feel. When I lived in the Atlanta area, I had 2 to 3 locks on every door in the house, checked the back seat of the car when returning from the store, and carried mace on my keychain. Blairsville is down the road from me and the violence hits too close to home. The peace and tranquility I've found living in the mountains has been shaken, but that is nothing in comparison to what the poor girl's family is feeling. My heart goes out to them.

jellyhead said...

What an awful story, Susan. No wonder it has upset and unsettled you.

What you need now is to hear something good - a tale of extreme kindness or bravery. I hope you have something lovely happen to you today.

XO Jelly

Mimi said...

It just isn't fair is it. It also makes me so sad and mad all at once. I don't even really have words for what this makes me feel.


Pam said...

Every time we get out of the car and head into the woods I wonder who is on the trail ahead of us, who is coming up behind us. Each time we take our granddaughter geo-caching I become the paranoid gma who won't let her out of my site. How do I say to her, "you are growing up" and yet tell her "you are still our baby and we are responsible for you" when there are sick people all over the world waiting to change so many lives in such horrible ways.

No, it isn't about me either but it is...my heart is broken.


sharon b said...

Susan, my husband often goes off to Blood Mountain to hike for the solitude and quiet.. No cell phone, no noise.. Will I worry the next time he escapes there yes. But, we all still need our walks and the woods. We need to be brave and courageous and take that step and not that the crazys of the world make us captive in a safe little box.. Life is to short. and I have great sadness for this family. They will always have a big whole in their heart. God bless you.. Keep working on that quilt.. You'll get it done.. Peace Love Joy to all.

Kerri said...

How terribly sad....devastating for the poor family, and very disturbing for those who live in the area. I know you'll still take those hikes, but this will probably stay in your mind for a very long time.
John Denver seems to fit every occasion, doesn't he? I love that song.