Wednesday, June 19, 2019

in the cloud

So you upload all your digital pix to the cloud.

And you scan all your printed pix to digital and upload them to the cloud.

But how do you access them? Share them? Browse albums?

Google photos does not allow you to share your Google Photo cloud pix unless you group them into albums, then the albums can be shared.

That is actually a good thing since that forces/encourages you to organize your pix. 

So you have all these albums that can be seen by anyone who has the link, mmm… now what?

And then you discover you have more than one Google account with pictures, how to gather all of that together into a user-friendly application?


Make a webpage with links to all the albums, with a representative thumbnail pic for each album. Links to each album from all the different cloud uploads, different usernamed accounts, etc.

Post this onto an already recognizable platform that the family is familiar with, like Susan's Blog…  

check it out - CLICK on the page 'photo albums'  above

And yes, another perk, this will maybe nudge Susan to keep her blog more up to date!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

granmas smart quilt

Our second great-grandbaby is on the way thanks to grandson Kyle and Allison!  I decided to try my first I-Spy quilt, so much fun to make and hopefully fun for the baby too.

Granma's Smart Quilt
 the beginning of a lifetime of
exploration and discovery
 made by 'great-grandma'
Susan Tidwell

a software blanket for
you to drag and drop along the way
a hotspot for cold days, your default address
your personal domain for a crash or a quick reboot
a fun chatroom, or a picnic surface for a byte of cookies
surf this cuddly browser, YOU are the driver of this search engine
scroll and find the patch of a cloud or spyware or red phish/blue phish

Ideas of things to do with the Smart Quilt 
(for the baby at an older age, or for Kyle):
FIND something with eyes
FIND something red
FIND something that starts with Z
FIND something that is in the sky
FIND something with wheels
FIND something to eat

Sunday, April 7, 2019

ring around the Posey

Granddaughter Sarah and Matthew have been together since that first prom date way back in May 2010. This April they are getting married! Congratulations go to the happy couple, along with the traditional gifts of wedding quilt from Granma Susan and the handcrafted Chef Helper from Granpa Buddy! We hope you enjoy many many years of happiness!

Monday, April 1, 2019

making rings

The Making of... wedding quilt for Sarah and Matthew!


Pattern: Metro Hoops by Sew Kind of Wonderful

Size: King 105" x 120"

Fabric: 64 batik Jelly Roll strips 2-1/2" x 42" made into 224 arcs
5 yards gray print and 5 yards white solid for background
3-5/8 yards navy solid for corner squares and binding
4 yards 108" wide quilt backing
King size white poly batting 
Quilting by Amelia Broussard

Monday, January 28, 2019

movin' on up


help from the boys next door (kids/grandkids!)

Keith, Kyle, Matt, Curren

and... it works! 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

laundry progress

out with the shelves (Melissa's old closet)

Hey there's our original orange shag carpet from 1977!

the laundry chute (went from upstairs through Melissa's closet on main floor to basement laundry


Demo Day done!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

laundry plans

the bedroom closet / a.k.a. future Laundry!

how it will fit

the Plan

gathering ideas from Pinterest

I submitted these plans back in August 2018 to the Superintendent of Operations and got a "We'll see... maybe someday." Well sometimes you just have to plant the (idea) seeds and watch them grow, sometimes it is a slow process - 6 months not too bad :)