Cursive Crochet

Cursive Crochet

with Granma Susan

Cursive Crochet on YouTube

  1. Cursive Crochet 001
  2. Just the beginning, picking out yarn and crochet hook.
  3. Cursive Crochet 002
  4. Making a chain.
  5. Cursive Crochet 003
  6. Learn single crochet.
  7. Cursive Crochet 004
  8. Practice single crochet, following written directions, bookmark project.
  9. Cursive Crochet 005
  10. Making ridges in single crochet, make a cotton dishcloth.
  11. Cursive Crochet 006
  12. Learn the ripple pattern, understanding crochet pattern directions, make a cotton dishcloth.
  13. Cursive Crochet 007
  14. Learn double crochet.
  15. Cursive Crochet 008
  16. Make a Granny Square

Project ideas for beginners:

Color block crochet blanket - pick out several colors, crochet with one color until it runs out, tie on another color, and so on, as seen on Pinterest

ripple afghan

The ripple pattern - it looks so complicated and sometimes it is. So maybe you have mastered a small ripple project, what if you want to make a big blanket?  Check out this great tutorial and formula for any size ripple project. Warning: Math involved :)

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