Thursday, May 18, 2017

the bat

The night I slept on the bathroom floor

I tucked a towel under the door so he couldn't get in

I was awakened by the window fan bumping, figured the window was not tight down on it so in the dark went to check, something soft brushed my hand… its just a bug... its just a bug

Then couldn't go back to sleep so turned on bedside light and started reading. Something started circling and diving, a big moth? OMG it’s a bat!

Ran out to the couch on the balcony, I can sleep here. Read awhile longer, slipped down almost asleep when something hit the couch above my head. I shot off the couch and hit the overhead light shouting God Bless America!

There he was circling again on the balcony.

No more couch.

Sat in the computer chair so I could watch, he went downstairs and all was quiet. I knew I would never see him on our brown wooden walls but looked over the railing anyway, and there he was on the white curtains, sleeping?

I left all the lights on at the balcony area and went back to bed in the dark bedroom, closing the door, although I knew he could come through the opening at the top.

Wasn't in bed 5 minutes when heard the bumping at the fan again… got out of bed on the other side and hit the light, yep right on the fan, I think he wanted outside. Looked around for some shoes to throw but chickened out, what if I just made him mad and he came at me and bit my neck, eek!

Went to the bathroom and decided this is a nice safe place, got my pillow and blanket and kindle and phone and bedded down in the floor around 2 a.m. after stuffing a towel under the door just in case.

Up this morning at 5, shower, sitting at computer, no sign of him yet.

It is almost daylight now so I can venture down the stairs…

Okay it almost 7 a.m. I inspected the house up and down and finally spotted him asleep on top of the Mammoth Cave poster (according to Buddy the bat wants to go there)

Called next door, "Can you come get this bat for me?"

Fishing net and fireplace shovel transported the little feller (still asleep) out to the deck.

Thanks to son-in-law, Keith! 


Gypsy Quilter said...

Oh my, that's very scary. The last house I rented, bats would often come in. It's best to open the doors so they can go out either entrance.

Joann said...

I would have freaked out and been in the br too. Don't know if I could have been brave enough to go back for pillow, etc all.