Friday, November 15, 2013

buddy the builder

Day 14 of kitchen re-do

I came home from yet another trip to Home Depot with 33 cabinet door/drawer pulls, Yay! Check that off the list!

When I came in, Buddy said he picked up the floor tile.

Where is it?

Scattered around the floor in the living room and dining room.


Because it is so heavy if you stacked it up the floor might cave in


So here is the floor tile - the color name is chocolate which goes nicely with the counter top color name of coffee… mmm

After supper we start attaching cabinet door pulls. The first thing Buddy the Builder does is make a template to drill the holes for the screws, so you won't have to measure each one. The template works on both upper and lower cabinet doors. The ideas he comes up with always amaze me, you can see the wheels turning, using years of experience that started as a boy helping his father in the workshop.

We had a system, he drills the hole, I put on the hardware, he drills his finger, I put on the band-aid… teamwork! Yes he drilled his finger, said he felt it hit the bone and he thought he would sit down for a minute because he felt 'white,' that he hadn't felt that way since that time the band saw cut through his fingers. And he did look kinda white, with a little green around the edges.

But he won't stay down long, soon back to work, all hardware installed.

Now moving out of the kitchen once again for the floor installation this weekend. The instructions say not to walk on it for 24-48 hours, so back to setting up camp in the dining room - we have the microwave and coffee maker in there, soon the fridge will be in there also while the tile is put down, everything we need, well except for the kitchen sink. Sounds like an exciting weekend ahead!


motherkitty said...

Poor Buddy. I'm glad that you not only know how to install hardware, but that you can apply bandaids at will. With that kind of injury, however, a visit to the ER should have been on his agenda (to stave off infection).

The Calico Cat said...

Instead of camping in the living room, maybe you should camp in your camper - aka home away from home. Therefore avoiding, "OOPs I forgot - so used to just…"