Friday, August 13, 2010

milestone for madi

Happy 13th Birthday Madison!

Not only the many faces of Madison - check out all the many and varied hats, see if you can find the baseball cap, cowboy hat, miner's helmet, bandana, Indian headdress, tiara...

Being the youngest of the family, this is a momentous day for your Mom, so go easy on her (4 teenagers in the house!).

Have a great birthday and 13th year!


Rose said...

Love that collage...would never have thought of that.

Tell her Happy Birthday!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Bless your daughter and son---with 4 teens in the family.... My middle son has two teenage daughters --and he says that is enough... ha....

Happy Birthday Madi... Isn't she adorable??


Ava said...

That is a great collage!!! Happy birthday to your daughter! 13 is a big year!!